Tuesday, 19 February 2013


In 1894 The first ‘Wintercircus’, an indoor circus in Ghent the original winter circus was built, by architect Emile De Weerdt. In 1920 it sadly burnt down. In 1923 got rebuilt in concrete by architect Jules-Pascal Ledoux. The last performance was 28 may 1944, and then it stood empty for the first time. After that, an Renault garage -Ghislain Mahy - was housed here,using the circus to house his collection of old timers and classic cars where they added ramps for the cars to drive to the higher floors. they remained there until he left the ‘Wintercircus’ in 1978, when  The city of Ghent then wanted it empty again, to demolish it and build a cinema and other cultural buildings there. For some reason that never happend, so this building still is standing in downtown Ghent. In 2008 they even repaired the roof to prevent further decay.

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